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トランジットジェネラルオフィス 代表取締役/ プロデューサー 中村貞裕




こういった形でプロデュースやサービスを行う時間軸が自然と伸びていったんです。その過程で最近、ケータリング&イベント会社「TRANSIT CREW」や不動産プロデュース会社「REAL GATE」、人材紹介会社の「Departure & Partners」、ITソリューション会社「TRANSIT DIGITAL WORKS」という会社も作りました。つまり、空間を作ってオペレーションを行い、人材も集める。空間を総合的に創造する企業(空間創造総合企業)を目指して行きたいと思っています。


What does TRANSIT aim at?

TRANSIT aims at creating amusement space containing fashion, architect, music, design, art and cuisine elements. I am involved in comprehensive space creating business. I started producing and operating the amusement space of cafes such as OFFICE and SIGN, where visitors spend a few hours, followed by producing hotel, where visitors stay for 24 hours, then, I have recently been producing residence, where people live for 365 days. Temporal axis of producing or providing service extended naturally in such a process. In that process, I established a catering & event company TRANSIT CREW, a real estate consulting company REAL GATE, a staff agency, DEPARTURE & PARTNERS, and digital solution company TRANSIT DIGITAL WORKS. We aim to become a comprehensive space creating company, where after creating space, we can operate, advertise and attract human resources for the space. Although I did not have this blueprint originally, our business became gradually diversified to reach the current situation.






What is branding produce by TRANSIT?

I am involved in branding produce, which creates space as well as increases the value of space as a brand. First, I set a concept and come up with many ideas for contents and organize a team. Then we produce entire elements including logo, sign, interior design, BGM, staff and operation of the space. Synthesizing strategy is important because branding (increasing the value of space as a brand) without controlling collectively such elements will not succeed. I believe that our business is not limited to the space creation and accumulating each operation is important as I learned when working for ISETAN. Also at a department store, a brand is established as a result of staff's accumulated effort to sell one of T-shirt or cut and sewn. We also experienced that our accumulated effort to sell a cup of coffee led to the public recognition of the brand. We can say with confidence that TRANSIT has an advantage in providing unique producing service based on its experience in operation.
In addition, 'unique' is a key word for TRANSIT. While luxurious expression is important, we always take unique concept of value in consideration. In order to keep the character of TRANSIT as unique, I ask my staff to always take a word, unique, into consideration (Nakamura laughs).
My starting point is creating amusement space. I hope I can come up with new spaces being one step ahead of existing ones.