transit general office



  • COMPANY NAME: Transit General Office Inc.
  • HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: Seihou Bldg. 3F 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061 Japan
  • TELEPHONE: 03-6826-5660
  • FAX: 03-6826-5675
  • ESTABLISHED: August 29, 2001
  • CAPITAL: 30 million yen
    Branding and creative direction (interior spaces, communication design, fashion); hospitality operations;
    events (catering, events and weddings); entertainment and seminars; sweets; real estate; recruiting;
    temporary staffing; digital works
    Chief Executive Officer, President & Founder: Sadahiro Nakamura
    Executive Vice-President: Kenji Tarumi
    Managing Officer: Hikaru Patrick Okada
    Managing Officer: Gakuya Kimura
    Special Advisor: Eiji Katayama (Partner at Abe, Ikubo & Katayama)
  • SALES REVENUE: Consolidated Group Total: 5,343 million yen (October 2015 sales revenue)
  • EMPLOYEE COUNT: Group total: 1,456, including 508 executives and full time employees (accurate January 2016)
    Transit Crew Inc.: (Catering, events and weddings; sweets production, sales and planning)
    Real Gate Inc.: Real estate (Complete real estate creative direction)
    Departures & Partners Inc.: Recruitment (Recruiting and human resources strategic consulting)
    Transit Digital Works Inc.: Digital works (Software development centered around interactive promotion)
    Flypan Inc. (A joint venture with Sunny Side Up Inc.): bills restaurants operations and related business
    Village Inc. (A joint venture with Kurkku Inc.): Yoyogi Village operations
    Transit Chocolate Supply Inc.: Max Brenner business (Licensing management and import sales)
    TS Partners Inc.: Max Brenner business
    Transit bills Operation Inc.: bills restaurants operations contract business
    Transit Mexican Food Operation Inc.: Guzman y Gomez operations business
    Isetan Mitsukoshi Transit Co.,Ltd.
    TRANSIT CREW ATTENDANT Inc.:(entertainment and seminars; music planning and production)
  • FINANCIAL INSTUTIONS: Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank,The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. et al.
  • KANSAI BRANCH: B1F Dojima Grand Building, 1-5-17 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0003
  • TELEPHONE: 06-7777-6600
  • FAX: 06-7777-6600


  • Sadahiro NakamuraTransit General Office Inc CEO, President & Founder
    Sadahiro was born in Tokyo in 1971, and after graduating from Keio University, began his career at Isetan department store. In 2001 he established Transit General Office as a platform from which to create leisure facilities featuring fashion, architecture, music, design, art and hospitality as their contents. Credited as a key player behind Japan’s café boom, Sadahiro established iconic café Sign, which became the first of 40 brand cafés and restaurants, including bills, operated by Transit General Office. He has been the visionary behind hit spots ranging from boutique hotels Claska, Dojima Hotel (Osaka) and The Soho, to a broad range of office and commercial complexes and more. Sadahiro continues to oversee the branding and creative direction of hit spots around Japan, with overseas developments underway in 2014. His book Nakamura Sadahiro Shiki Miiha Shigotojutsu – Sadahiro Nakamura’s Business Secrets of a Trend Lover – is proving to be a great success in bookstores in Japan.
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  • Kenji TarumiTransit General Office Inc Executive Vice-President
    Kenji graduated from the school of commerce at Meiji University in 1995, and took a position at Daiwa Corporate Investment, where he focussed on venture company investment and IPO support. From 2000 Tarumi was head of the management planning division in an IT venture company, focussed on management planning and administration. Relocating to a major real estate management firm in 2002, Kenji worked in real estate investment and related areas. In 2003 he was placed on a secondment in a business revitalisation and buyout fund management company, where he initially worked on the establishment of business revitalisation funds. He then took on the role of Director and Chief Financial Officer in a business in which the company was investing, and oversaw all aspects of management and administration. He was Director of their venture capital business at the time of its establishment in 2004, working in venture business investment as well as a mergers and acquisitions advisory role. Kenji moved to Transit General Office Inc in 2007 as a Director, and is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He oversees the management, administration and operations business of the entire Transit Group. Kenji is also Chief Operating Officer of Flypan Inc, a joint venture company with Sunny Side Up Inc, via which he oversees the bills restaurants.
  • Hikaru Patrick OkadaTransit General Office Inc Managing Officer
    Born in Tokyo in 1971, after graduating from Swiss Education Group César Ritz Colleges, began his career in hotel industry such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and The Peninsula Hotels. Patrick joined the Transit General Office team in 2003. He is responsible for the creative direction and project management of hotel, ryokan, restaurant, café, airport facility, residence, office, regional revitalization, train and space travel projects.
  • Gakya KimuraTransit General Office Inc Managing Officer
    After graduating from University, he started his career as a cook at a Italian restaurant in Tokyo. He then went overseas to explore the world outside of Japan for half a year. Upon his return, Gakuya joined Transit General Office after taking position in new restaurant projects and business format changes. He started off working in Transit operating company directly owned business and catering event sales. Afterwards he establishes a new division that specialize in space design, creation and direction. Currently, Gakuya is in charge of international license brand launch in Japan, development of apparel fashion brand business model, and his main role being a producer and developing new food and beverage business in the company.
  • Keishi WatanabeTransit Crew Inc CEO & President
    After graduating from Rikkyo University in 1995, Keishi began his career at Isetan department stores, primarily managing women’s clothing merchandise at the Shinjuku main store. In 2003 he transferred to Transit, where he worked on the establishment of the catering business, primarily focussing on planning and operations of party catering for the fashion industry. Keishi took on the role of Executive Officer at Transit in 2007. In 2008 he worked on the conversion of the catering business into an independent subsidiary, Transit Crew Inc, under Transit as a parent company. As the CEO of this company from the time of its establishment, he oversees the catering for over 400 events annually, as well as managing event planning, creative direction of weddings, and sweets business. After establishing a new division in 2012, he also has an advisory role in branding, promotion and planning for fashion brands.
  • Yutaka IwamotoReal Gate CEO & President
    Born on 20th September 1973, Yutaka is an architecture graduate from the School of Engineering at Tokyo City University (formerly Musashi Institute of Technology). He is an accredited architect (first class); building operation and management engineer (first class); and a registered real-estate broker. After working in general consulting and developers, Yutaka accepted a position at Transit General Office. Using the company’s venture system, he established real-estate consulting firm Real Gate as a subsidiary of Transit, and took on the role of CEO. The company has developed eight city office projects including Portal Point and Pegasus Aoyama; operations of The Soho; and office planning and leasing of Tabloid and The Share. Kurkku Home, a collaboration with Kurkku, opened in March 2013.
  • Satoshi SekinoDeparture & Partners CEO & President
    After graduating from Chuo University, Satoshi build an 18-year career centred around fashion in major department stores. Next, in order to utilise his communication skills and his wealth of experience, the made the career change to a human resources consulting firm, at which he successfully allocated over 300 candidates to new roles. Boasting both domestic and international clients in a broad range of fields, from fashion to consumer goods and trade, he consulted on over 6000 cases. In 2007 he established recruiting company Departure & Partners as a member of the Transit General Office Inc group. The company offers a unique, intense level of support in the recruitment of candidates ranging from newcomers to the field to executives.