9 Aug, 2019
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01.Afternoon Tea at Opus Ginza!


Located on the 14th floor of The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8, Opus, is now serving the restaurant’s original afternoon tea!

The theme of this afternoon tea set is “simply modern”; 11 types of sweet and savory treats. The first layer is this year’s popular hemp charcoal, blended with a Japanese yet modern essence, the gray macaron, mango and green tea Japanese confectionary as well as an orange liquor based fig and orange pound cake. The second layer is a peach tart; crispy on the outside, filled with vanilla custard cream, rich chocolate and nuts Florentine cacao and a green apple mousse. The third layer is all of the savory items, comprised of the fava bean and pecorino cheese tart, marinated salmon and caviar and pate de champagne.

Enjoy this afternoon tea set in our beautiful terrace and moderately chic and gray atmosphere.

Time: 15:00-17:00 (16:30L.O.) / 15:30-17:30 (17:00L.O.)
2 Hours (Drink L.O. at 90 min)
Reserve by the day before/ 20 servings per day
Starting from 1 person-

MORNING : 7:00-10:00
LUNCH : 11:30-14:30(L.O.14:30)
TEA TIME : 14:30-17:30 (L.O.17:30)
DINNER : 17:30-23:00 (FOOD L.O.22 :00/DRINKL.O. 22:30)
Sunday : 21:00 Close(FOOD LO.20:00/DRINKL.O. 20:30)

02.Little Darling Coffee Roasters collaborates with California’s Apolis!


From August 2 to August 31, Little Darling Coffee Roasters is collaborating with California’s sustainable retail brand, Apolis in creating an original bag!

Apolis was established in Los Angeles, California in 2014 and has since then been a brand that contributes to the environment. The brand makes contributes and donations to local communities as well as developing areas that need more support. This time, our collaboration item is a hemp material market bag that contains the Little Darling Coffee Roasters logo. For those who purchase this bag on either August 17 or August 18, you will also be able to sign up for the exclusive stencil workshop!

Little Darling Coffee Roasters
Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00(L.O. 19:30)
Sat-Sun、Holiday 10:00-19:00(L.O. 18:30)

03.Lemon Rice Tokyo × Glorious Chain Café


rom August 1 to September 30, Glorious Chain Café is collaborating with Lemon Rice Tokyo in creating an original curry dish!

This curry contains Lemon Rice TOKYO’s popular lemon rice, mixed with turmeric and mustard seed spices, finished with a refreshing lemon aroma. But that’s not all. The dish comes with an exotic chili sauce, onion achar, coriander and seasonal pickles on the side; all of which can change the taste of the curry in just one bite. 

This collaboration menu uses this exotic lemon rice, chicken curry sauce and is mixed with Glorious Chain Café’s original Masala curry. The kumin, chili powder, coriander and turmeric spices blended with the cashew nuts and coconut aromas is the perfect combination and is what makes it so hard to resist. Come and enjoy this delicious item during this hot summer season!

Date: August 1, 2019 ~ September 30, 2019  
Location: Glorious Chain Café Shibuya, Shinsaibashi
Lemon Rice × GCC Original Curry 1,080 yen (w/ tax)
Lassi Set (Peach/ Mango) 1,280 yen (w/ tax)
※ First come first serve.
※ This will only be served at Glorious Chain Café, not Lemon Rice TOKYO.

Glorious Chain Cafè Shibuya
Glorious Chain Cafè Shinsaibashi

04.150cm-ish STYLE event at Shinjuku Isetan!


From August 28 to September 2, Shinjuku Isetan will host the “150cm-ish STYLE” event for all those petite women out there! This will be hosted by the Small Size Strawberry Shop, in the event space on the 6th floor of the main building.

The brand, Strawberry Shop, is a popular shop for petite, Japanese women. For this event, we have collected 7 different influencers and designers who have come together in creating the “Little Café 150”; selling a variety of clothing items (including a 7-way dress!) and designs for those between 145cm ~ 153cm. We even have the same dresses made in different materials, giving it a whole different look.

During this collaboration, Isetan will also host the “recouture”; a personal consultation section where customers can personalize to their own needs. You can even customize what you’ve purchased at the Little Café 150 and make it an original, one of a kind item.

Finally, Happy Home Kitchen will open up a pop-up during this event, serving the collaborations original drink, Strawberry Cotton Soda!


05.PayPay and Line Pay at 26 Transit General Office locations!


Starting July, 2019, 26 of Transit General Office’s stores have implemented PayPay and Line Pay!

Starting from modern Italian restaurant in Omotesando Hills, Fratelli Paradiso, Transit’s original roastery, Little Darling Coffee Roasters and this summer’s newest sweets and coffee shop, Imperfect Omotesando; a variety of cafes, shops and restaurants have brought in these new payment systems.

<Available Stores>
code kurkku、Mercedes me Osaka / DOWNSTAIRS、Mercedes me Tokyo / UPSTAIRS、Mercedes me Tokyo / DOWNSTAIRS NEXTDOOR、dunhill bar、HARAJUKU BOX CAFÉ&SPACE、OMOTESANDO BOX CAFÉ&SPACE、KAORU -KITO YUZU- Kita Senju、Little Darling Coffee Roasters、Miraikan Kitchen、Pacific DRIVE-IN、Pacific BAKERY、SIGN ALLDAY、Sign KICHIJOJI、the Canteen、ZikZin Café、Okonomi Tamachan Aoyama、Samegeori Butchers Tokyo、Niwakaya Chosuke Otemachi、Imperfect Omotesando、Stall、FRATELLI PARADISO、Longrain、Guzman y Gomez Shibuya、Guzman y Gomez Shinagawa

06.The Apollo Summer Menu! 07.Code Kurkku Summer Menu!

Modern Greek restaurant, The Apollo is serving this summer’s exclusive menu from July 1 to September 30! The main item on this summer menu is the grilled sea bream with broccoli, capers and mint; charcoal grilled sea bream finished with herbs salsa, broccoli and mint sauce. Other items include the green beans salad, faro and walnuts as well as the pickled eggplants with oregano and chili. The perfect summer dishes using seasonal ingredients; enjoy it with a glass of Greek beer or two!

11:00-23:00(L.O. FOOD 22:00 / DRINK 22:30)

From August 1 to September 30, Yoyogi Village’s Code Kurkku presents this summer’s Instagram campaign! If you follow Code Kurkku on Instagram during this period, post a picture and hashtag #instagramcampaign and #codekurkku, you can be one of the 3 lucky guests to receive a 5,000 yen gift voucher! Have some good food, take some nice pictures and win a prize; what more could you ask for?

code kurkku
LUNCH Weekday 11:30-15:30(L.O.14:30)
Sat, Sun,Holiday 11:30-16:00(L.O.14:00)※2 hours
DINNER 18:00-23:00(L.O.21:30)