18 Mar, 2021
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"Journey in Spring" new menu started!
2021.3.12(Fri)- @THE UPPER


THE UPPER, a rooftop restaurant with the concept of "Journey and Nature", starts serving new menu items with the image of warm "journey in spring" from March 12, 2021!

For lunch, we present you 「journey to Middle East」!
Our lunch menu items are seasoned with plenty of spices; well intergrated with Middle East essence, Japanese broth, and French cooking methods.
For meat cuisine, is served with 3 spices-marinated grilled hybrid beef, seasonal vegetables such as spring cabbages, bud greens, and seasonal onions garnished; 2 kinds of sauce, rich chickpeas khums and harissa sauce blended with corianders, green peppers, and cumin powders on the side.
For fish cuisine, enjoy fresh fish soup, made of spices such as coriander and cumin, fish boiling soup and kelp soup, and fried seasonal sablefish!

About dinner course, we bring you 「journey to Fukushima」, hometown of our chef Tokushima, with the image of traveling from late winter to spring.
Menu items in dinner course that make you enjoy "journey to Fukushima" from both your eyes and mouth are variously served, including amuse which is made of turnips, imaging "thawing" and seasonal squids, amuse where ostrich ferns, imaging "sprout" are used, and fish cuisines with the image of vivid "fresh green".
These are definitely the lineups that can make you excited and fluttered!

It's difficult to travel abroad in this circumstance; if so, enjoying THE UPPER's foods with a traveling mind may be a good choice!

Marunouchi 1-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Lunch 11:30-14:00 L.O.
Tea 14:30-15:00 L.O.
Dinner 17:30-22:00 L.O.
※L.O for course: 20:30

DELI BOX of popular TRANSIT's restaurants successively start!
@Fratelli Paradiso / XIRINGUITO Escriba` / Longrain TOKYO


Deli box of 「Fratelli Paradiso」, 「XIRINGUITO Escribà」, and 「Longrain TOKYO」, popular restaurants of TRANSIT, are successively served for making our customers enjoying authentic taste at their home!

「Fratelli Paradiso」, an Italian restaurant reputable even for gourmets in Sydney, launches 「Pasta Box」from March 13, 2021!
It's a set of six dishes, emphasizing on both ingredients and essence of Italian food; simple but truely delicious!
Signature menu items such as「tagliatelle bolognese」, housemade pasta entwined with coarsely ground beef, 「lasagna」, made of original spinach-kneaded dough with bechamel sauce, bolognese added in, are served in; besides, salads, housemade potatoes, Italian style omelette can also be tasted in this pasta box!
Only available in delivery service!

「XIRINGUITO Escribà」, a seafood restaurant from Barcelona, Spain, starts 2 kinds of 「Deli Box」, filled with tapas, from March 22, 2021!
This deli box are served with popular tapas item 「blue sprat escabeche」, 「olives」,「Spain omelette」, the grand「patatas bravas」; and choice of filling, meat or fish!
Deli for meal is perfect; nibbles for drinks are actually recommended!

「Longrain TOKYO」, a modern Asian restaurant, will launch 「Asian Deli Box」, with "spicy, sweet, sour, salty" well balanced, from March 24, 2021!
「seafood green curry」, made of original paste which is addictive spicy, healthy rice salad「khao yam」, with radient blue jasmine rice are included; totally 5 kinds!
With "magically beatiful colors" and plenty of herbs, you can enjoy authentic Asian foods at your home!

Click here for delivery service

Click here for delivery service

Longrain TOKYO
Click here for delivery service
※Asian Deli Box will start from March 24.

「Dancing Sakura Highball & Fried Chicken Set」served now!
2021.3.12(Fri)-@NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE Nakameguro


「NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE」, a popular chain udon bar in Hakata, its Nakameguro store launches 「Dancing Sakura Highball & Fried Chicken Set」from March 12, 2021 to Mid-April, 2021.
It is a set of Sakura Highball which is flavored with cherry blossom syrup, and housemade fried chicken with NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE original style.

2 glasses of sakura highball and 4 pieces of original fried chichen are served in this exclusive set.
The sakura highball is made of Dewar's, a Scotch whisky which is best for highball, and flavored with cherry blossom syrup.
The refreshing fragrance of cherry blossom syrup well matches the scent of pear within Dewar's, and this 
miraculous match brings out the mildly sweet taste of this Dewar's-based highball.

Original 「Kyushu Soy Sauce Fried Chicken 」, is made with rich sweet soy sauce which is producted by an old-established soy sauce store「Jokyu Soy Sauce」 in Hakata.
This rich sweet soy sauce increases the taste of chicken.
Besides, that with rock salt, garlic, oregano, and several kinds of herbs added in makes the light aroma of herbs spread within your mouth with each bite.

It is a little difficult to going outside to take a cherry blossoms viewing under this self-restraint atmosphere.
If so, that visiting NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE NAKAMEGURO to taste our delicious fried chicken and enjoy our special sakura highball,
and then imagine you are surrounded by flowering cherry blossoms may be a wonderful choice!

NAKAMEGURO KOUKASHITA 52, Kamimeguro 3-5-29, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours:
Mon~Thu: Temporarily closed
Fri: 12:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00(L.O.FOOD / DRINK 19:00)
Sat・Sun: 14:00-20:00(L.O.FOOD / DRINK 19:00)

「TACOS SET- TACO BUNDLE」limitedly available now!
2021.3.15(Mon)-@Guzman y Gomez


Guzman y Gomez, a Mexican dine-in restaurant popular for its tacos and burrito, in order to make guests enjoy GYG's food whether outside at a picnic or at their home, lauches 「TACOS SET- TACO BUNDLE」from March 15, 2021.

「TACOS SET- TACO BUNDLE」includes 10 pieces of tacos and french fries with original spices.
Like its literarily meaning, guests can enjoy this bundle of tacos with all their loved ones!

Our tacos are made with a spicy sprinkled hard shell tortilla, stuffed with ground beef, shredded lettuce and cheese.
The ground beef is seasoned with garlic, onion, Mexican spices, and a hint of orange juice to make it more juicy!
You will be addicted to this rich taste once you took a bite!
Our french fries are seasoned with GYG original spices; a total of 400g to share with your friends and family!

Enjoy this special Mexican food set whether at the comfort of your home or at a picnic outside in the warm coming season!

Guzman y Gomez Laforet Harajyuku
Guzman y Gomez Ikspiari
Guzman y Gomez Shinagawa
Guzman y Gomez Shibuya

「Churrasco BBQ Chunk Plan 」coming soon!
2021.4.1(Thu)- @ the Canteen


the Canteen, a covert BBQ spot in Odaiba, will launch 「South American Style- Churrasco BBQ Chunk Plan」from April 1, 2021!

Chunk of meat, the main, is charcoal-grilled to a tender taste with a low temperature.
You can cut into your preferred size and enjoy.
Cutting this chunk is visually impressive; so is its delicious taste!

Besides, the subtopic of this plan is「health consciousness」!
Spices seasoned the chunk were used as medicines in ancient times; work in increase of appetite, sterilization, acceleration of digestion,etc,.
Various vegetables are also served on the side so guests can supplement enough nutritions and then strengthen their immunity!
Enjoy this renewed BBQ chunk plan with your friends and family, in this oper-air spot!

the Canteen
Business hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-22:00
Sat: 10:00-18:00
Sun: Regular day-off

「Neo Kissa KING x GINZA RECORD」collaboration!
2021.3.24(Wed)- @ Neo Kissa KING


From March 24, Neo Kissa KING, a selected shop where our chef who leads food culture of Tokyo develops kissa cafe menu, will launch a campaign for celebrating the release of 「Perpetual」, a solo record by Sunaga Kazuhiro who is a bassist and has joined many lives and recordings of various top artists!

Customers who perchase this album at GINZA RECORD will get a 200yen off drink ticket that can be used in Neo Kissa KING.

Besides, coasters which are replicated with the patterns on the record will be provided to all of customers.
Works by MYOJIN YONAHA will also be exhibited at the part spaces in Neo Kissa KING.
Enjoy your relaxing time with the view presented by famous bassist Sunaga Kazuhiro!

Neo Kissa KING
Yurakucho 2-5-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
11:00-20:00(L.O. FOOD 19:00 / DRINK 19:30)

「Sakura Parfait」exclusively served!
2021.3.1(Mon)-4.25(Sun)@ERUTAN RESTAURANT / BAR


「ERUTAN」, a casual all day dine-in restaurant, serves 「Sakura Parfait」, full of seasonal ingredients, with the topic of dancing petals in spring, from March 1 to April 25, 2021!

「Sakura Parfait」, are composited with cherry blossom flavored ice-cream and tenderly sour blancmange; sweet sour strawberries and raspberries added with the image of spring breeze.
As a hidden flavor, comes green tea ice-cream; and lychee jelly, an accent.
Once you take a bite, it seems that the taste makes you remind the spring scene, fleeting but elegant "sakura" of Japan!

Going outside to take a cherry blossom view is little difficult; if so, tasting "sakura" may become a new trend of cherry blossom vlewing!
※Only available for advanced reservations until 15:00 the day before.
※Only served in tasting zone.
※Please contact the store for details.

Inaricho 318-6, Kawaramachi-douri Sijosagaru 2 chome, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
MORNING 7:00-10:00 L.O.9:30
LUNCH 11:30-14:00
TEA 14:00-17:00
DINNER 17:30-23:00 L.O. FOOD 22:00 / DRINK 22:30
BAR 10:00-23:00 L.O. FOOD 22:00 / DRINK 22:30


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