Opening 「Butabara」, a ghost restaurant-style pork bowl specialty store from June 28.

28 JUNE 2021

TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE INC. starts opening 「Butabara」, a ghost restaurant-style pork bowl specialty store from June 28, 2021. This store is available only for delivery service and within Omotesando area. With trial and error, pursuit of thickness of meat and sauce, exquisite pork bowl is finally served.

「Thickness of meat」and「original sauce」 are the two most important features.
Thick-sliced pork rib is well grilled to a juicy browned. Guests can choose their prefered amount of meat from four amounts. (150g, 200g, 300g, 400g)
About our original sauce, there are four choices.
「Spicy Sweet Bowl」, Butabara’s featured product, its sauce is made from qualified spicy sweet sauce and sweet aged soy sauce, making pork with rich taste.
「Garlic Soy Sauce Bowl」, garlic’s particular scent and taste matches soy sauce’s rich taste well.
「Garlic Miso Bowl」,dressed with salt and garlic-seasoned miso, the delicious taste of pork is brought out much more.
「Salted Leek Bowl」, its sauce is made from plenty of Japanese leeks and several kinds of seasoning. The proper salty taste can whet guest’s appetite.

Coming with a thought of “Enjoy meat & rice fully ”, 「Butabara」aims to become the most popular store within this area.
Enjoy Butabara’s exquisite pork bowl with this chance!

Please order from HERE!

【Opening Memorial Campaign】
Guests who order one「Spicy Sweet Bowl」(regular size) can get one free (the same size), from June 28 to July 11, 2021.
Enjoy Butabara’s featured product with this chance!
※This campaign may end without advance notice.

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