Revolving Sweets Café in Harajuku, “Maison Able Café Ron Ron!”

16 JULY 2018

On July 16th, 2018, Maison Able Café Ron Ron opened its first revolving sweets café in Harajuku. Transit General Office Inc., is the founder and creator of this cute and fun-filled café. At Maison Able Café Ron Ron, there is a 38-meter revolving lane, which carries up to 35 different items: 25 sweets and 10 savory. Some items include a macaroon cotton candy, crepe, pancakes, different flavors of ice cream as well as an egg sandwich and mini burger. It is a 40 minute all-you-can-eat course for only 1,800yen.

The name Ron Ron comes from the French word “ron” which is the noise a cat makes when it is satisfied. All dishes and drink bottles are extremely photogenic, so come and enjoy an exciting, cute and fulfilling time here at Café Ron Ron this summer!

Price: 1,800yen (w/o tax) + Drink / 40 minutes
*100yen discount if you’re a Maison Able Line friend

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