NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE NAKAMEGURO will launch「Dancing Sakura Highball & Fried Chicken Set」on March 12(Fri) !

11 MARCH 2021

「NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE」, a popular chain udon bar in Hakata, its Nakameguro store will launch 「Dancing Sakura Highball & Fried Chicken Set」from March 12, 2021 to Mid-April, 2021.
It is a set of Sakura Highball which is flavored with cherry blossom syrup, and housemade fried chicken with NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE original style.
2 glasses of sakura highball and 4 pieces of original fried chichen are served in this exclusive set.
The sakura highball is made of Dewar's, a Scotch whisky which is best for highball, and flavored with cherry blossom syrup.
The refreshing fragrance of cherry blossom syrup well matches the scent of pear within Dewar's, and this 
miraculous match brings out the mildly sweet taste of this Dewar's-based highball.
Original 「Kyushu Soy Sauce Fried Chicken 」, is made with rich sweet soy sauce which is producted by an old-established soy sauce store「Jokyu Soy Sauce」 in Hakata. This rich sweet soy sauce increases the taste of chicken.
Besides, that with rock salt, garlic, oregano, and several kinds of herbs added in makes the light aroma of herbs spread within your mouth with each bite.
It is a little difficult to going outside to take a cherry blossoms viewing under this self-restraint atmosphere.
If so, that visiting NIWAKAYA-CHOSUKE NAKAMEGURO to taste our delicious fried chicken and enjoy our special sakura highball, and then imagine you are surrounded by flowering cherry blossoms may be a wonderful choice!
Dancing Sakura Highball & Fried Chicken Set
1,000 yen (tax included) / sakura highball 650 yen (tax included)
March 12, 2021- Mid-April 2021
■Valid only for the first order.

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