Music Bar Takeover

25 JULY 2019 / MUSIC BAR

On August 10, Music Bar, will transform into Melbourne, Australia’s popular and trendy bar, Black Pearl. On this night, general manager and bartender, Mark Linklater will come all the way from Australia to make each and every cocktail.

World re-known gin production company Bathtub Gin, is taking over various bars in 7 different cities including Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Atlanta, Munchen, Melbourne, Glasgow and Tokyo; all in 7 days to introduce and spread awareness of this incredible brand.
7 days, 7 cities and Bathtub Gin’s special production method, “7 days cold compound method”; giving the world 7 days to try all of the creative cocktails.

The Tokyo representative of this Bathtub Bar Takeover, is our very own bartender from Code Kurkku’s Music Bar. He will be serving exclusive cocktails at Black Pearl in Melbourne on August 8, so stop by in Tokyo or any of the other cities if you have the chance!

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