Glorious Chain Café’s Chocolate Menu!

12 FEBRUARY 2019 / Glorious Chain CaféGlorious Chain Café 心斎橋

Starting January 28th to February 14th, Glorious Chain Café Osaka and Shibuya will be serving 3 very exclusive Valentine’s menu items! This year’s theme is a “savory Valentine’s” so we’re offering a salty, spicy and sour food menu that uses chocolates.

The first and proceeded to be the most popular item is the BLT Spicy Chocolate Burger. The burger is served with a ketchup-like spicy chocolate sauce (be careful not to pour too much!) and the pepper mill is exchanged with cocoa nibs. The sour dish is the Fruits Chocolate Salad that contains prosciutto, parmesan cheese, bitter chocolate, cocoa nibs, berries, oranges and kiwi, all topped with a berry dressing. Finally, the last item is a ‘some-what sweet’ drink, Espresso Cacao Coke. Japan’s traditional soda float (in this case coca cola), is finished with a blend of cocoa powder and cacao espresso and will uncontrollably be melting out of the cup, just like your heart. The drink has another kick with a hint of sea salt, telling you that it’s okay to cry at times as well.

Come and join us for Glorious Chain Café’s exclusive holiday menu!

Glorious Chain Café Shibuya
Glorious Chain Café Shinsaibashi

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