Newest Restaurant “Opus” in the Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 Hotel!

20 MARCH 2019

On March 20th, 2019, Transit General Office opens yet another all day dining restaurant, Opus, located in the newest hotel in Ginza, The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8!

Yusuke Namai, restaurant owner and chef of Michelin star restaurant, Ode, has produced the Opus menu and is the secret to the delicious dishes. Opus uses fresh and local ingredients from various locations across Japan to create this “grilled modern seafood” style. It is the true blend of traditional Japanese essences and modern flavors.

The restaurant opens at 7 am where customers can enjoy a semi-buffet style breakfast. The buffet includes a variety meat, fish, pastries as well as different soups, salads and drink options. Lunch is served in a similar semi-buffet style, where customers can choose their main dish. If you want to stop by in the afternoon, you can get a cup of tea with our photogenic desserts. Finally, for dinner, we offer a variety of ala carte seafood options as well as a course and party plan (starting from 4 people!).

In addition to Opus, Transit General Office has also produced the tea salon, Saryu, located on the first floor of the hotel lobby. You can choose from a selection of 6 teas, where each and every one has a unique taste, as well as production method. You can enjoy the originality of each tea through our tea cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. If you don’t feel like tea, you can also try our distilled liquors like shochu and sake.

Finally, on the second floor of the hotel, there is a bottle and souvenir shop that sells specialty teas, juices and different gift items if you want to take something home!

A beautiful place where you can enjoy delicious food, trendy music and chic vibes, as well as gaze at the Ginza skyline from the outdoor terrace.

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