Fukuoka, Japan’s newest railway restaurant, The Rail Kitchen Chikugo!

20 MARCH 2019

Starting March 23, 2019, West Japan Railroad Co. Ltd, will release The Rail Kitchen Chikugo that collaborates the beautiful city and food on Fukuoka, Japan. Transit General Office is in charge of the entire production of the train, including the concept of “Local to Train”; a new concept where people can enjoy a variety of local dishes inside a traditional yet new form of transportation.

The main dish on the train is a freshly made pizza, produced by the chef of popular pizza restaurant, Enboca. The pizza has a soft yet chewy dough texture and is topped with a variety of seasonal vegetables. Amuse and appetizers are a range of local dishes and has been produced by local chef, Yasuhiro Watanabe.

Every little detail of the train has been created by different specialists. The red logo design and exterior designs are designed by Naoka Fukuoka; a thought out, beautiful image of red words along the green scenery. The modern and casual interior designs have been produced by Landscape Products Co. Ltd; a place where you can feel and discover the true essence of creative thinking and imagination.

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