Maritozzo-style Puff Cream!? 「Roasted Green Tea & Espresso Puff Cream」 from PUFFZ, now served!

20 MAY 2021 / PUFFZ

PUFFZ, all-day bakery located on the east exit of Shibuya Station's Underground Square, serves 「Roasted Green Tea& Espresso Maritozzo」until May 31, 2021! Roasted green tea used in is blended by "SAKURAI JAPANESE TEA EXPERIENCE".
Besides, 「Taiyaki Madeleine Matcha & Red Beans」, the new limited flavor of popular Taiyaki Madeleine series, is providable until June 30, 2021!

「Maritozzo」, fluffy bread with full of cream sandwiched in, is an Italian traditional sweets.
Getting inspiration from it and making some arrangements into our cream puff, and then, came PUFFZ's 「Roasted Green Tea & Espresso Maritozzo」!
Crispy puff, sandwiched with roasted green tea cream which is made of leaves from "SAKURAI JAPANESE TEA EXPERIENCE"; espresso-soaked dough added to the cream to become a tenderly bitter, matured taste; garnished with roasted green tea powders.
A sweet full of flavor of roasted green tea; so addictive!

In addition, 「Taiyaki Madeleine Matcha & Red Beans」, new flavor of Taiyaki Madeleine series which is popular as souvenirs, is also served!
Matcha-kneaded dough, sandwiched with red bean paste; baked to a browned!
Pleasant sourness from Matcha, tender sweetness from red bean paste, and buttered scent from madeleine; this is PUFFZ's 「Taiyaki Madeleine」!

There is limited quantity per day for these two exclusive sweets.
Try PUFFZ's new style maritozzo with this chance!

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