15 Jan, 2021
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Ghost Restaurants for Delivery Service ONLY!
2021.1.12(Tue)-@TRANSIT Ghost Restaurants"


3 ghost restaurants operated by TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE have opened in the Shibuya area starting January 12, 2021.
「THE GREEN TABLE」, healty delicatessen, full of vegetables
「SUNDUBU KITCHEN」,delicious spicy soups
「PANINI STAND」, panini and coffee, perfect choice for an early morning, lunch or even brunch

We offer healthy salads, 「Greek-style Salad」, 「Housemade Roast Beed Salad」, etc., full of fresh vegetables and various ingredients.
Sandwich menu, 「Pork Sausage & Red Cabbage Hot Dog」, etc.
There are also a variety of side and drink options to make it a combo!

Sundubu, delicious spicy soups with various ingredients, including meat, seafood, vegetables, etc..
Yangnyeom chicken, crispy and juicy fried chicken with housemade spicy sauce.
You can enjoy all of our spicy dishes from 「SUNDUBU KITCHEN」.

We offer ultimate paninis that lead to an even greater morning or day.
「Panini Classic」, standard ham and tomato, 「Panini Pizza」, sandwich with salami and mozzarella cheese,
「Panini Cheese & Cheese」, perfect choice for cheese lovers.
There are also various side options, such as「Creme Brulee Pancake」for all our sweet tooths!
Enjoy these different cuisines through our delivery service and enrich your "" stay-home"" experience! .

【THE GREEN TABLE】Click here to order
【SUNDUBU KITCHEN】Click here to order
【PANINI STAND】Click here to order

New items for Valentine season!


「PUFFZ」, bakery located inside Shibuya station east exit underground square, offers new Valentine items from Feb 1- Feb 28.
We have 3 exclusive new items!
「Cacao & Raspberry Cream Puff Sandwich」, original chocolate cream made with rich chocolate and whipped fresh custard cream, raspberries and amazon cacao chocolate as a topping; great blend of sweet cacao and sour berries.
「Chocolate Raspberry Cream Puff 」is served for take-out or delivery.
A new flavor of the Taiyaki Madeleine, a signature menu of Sincere:「Taiyaki Madeleine Chocolate & Orange 」!
Made with sweet chocolate-kneaded dough and flavored with Cointreau, an orange-flavored liqueur; all topped with orange peels.

Finally, the last item is the「PUFFZ Original Cheese Cake Drink (Orange)」!
Light cheese drink with orange flavors; garnished with whipped cream and cream puff.
This topped cream puff gives it an extra accent.
These may be good choices for a ""treat for yourself day"" or a valentine gift for your loved ones!

Shibuya 2-23-16, east exit underground square B2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

『Valentine Limited』Dessert Pairing are launching!
2021.1.15(Fri)-2.14(Sun)@dunhill BAR 


During this Valentine season (2021.1.15-2.14),「dunhill Bar」at dunhill GINZA store, will launch a dessert pairing that is served by Oyama Keisuke, chef patissier of patisserie 「ease」, and Nomura Soran, an award-receiving bartender.

The Valentine dessert pairing is a combination of our dessert,「Fondant au Chocolat」and cocktail.
「Fondant au Chocolat」, is a traditional chocolate cake made of fruity Amazon cacao and raspberries. Enjoy it with our special spicy banana sauce!
To match this chocolate dessert, we are serving a deep, sweet and sour cocktail; sherry wine base, cardomom, cumin and roasted green tea!

Please enjoy this limitied ultimate dessert pairing at dunhill BAR!
And that's not all, our popular chocolate box can be purchased on our online shop!
Click here to access our online store

dunhill BAR
Ginza 2-6-7, 2-3F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
11:00- 20:00


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