Transit General Office, Inc. (referred to as “TGO”) pays close attention to protect the personal information of all of our customers.

This privacy policy specifies what kind of policy we have, how we collect and use the personal information of all of our customers. We believe that it is important to ensure thorough collection, use and management of internal and subcontractors and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Before using this website, please make sure you fully understand our privacy policy and agree to all of our conducts.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information is used to identify a specific individual, by using the name, address, phone number, email address and occupation. We may collect your information when providing you with different data about our company, registration on our website, sending out questionnaires and mail magazines. We will not use this information for other purposes without your consent.

Handling of Personal Information

In our website, we collect your personal information to create the most valuable service possible. We recognize the importance of handling personal information in this modern and highly advanced technological society we live in today and have set up our privacy policy so each and every customer can use it with confidence.

About the Access Log

Through an access log, we will record those who have accessed the website. The access log will contain information such as the IP address of the person who accessed the website, browser type, domain name, access time and access count. This will only be used for statistical analysis concerning maintenance and browsing management.

Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

We will not disclose or provide the personal information gathered on this website to a third party without the permission of the person except the following:

  • In cases where disclosure or provision is requested from a court or a person entrusted by an administrative agency
  • For the protection of human life, body or wealth and when it is difficult to obtain the customer’s consent
  • In cases where it is necessary for a national institution or a local public entity or a person receiving a consignment to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and obtaining agreement of the customer interferes with the performance of said affairs
  • Other cases when we are obliged to have disclosure under the law

Information Management and Security

We strive to eliminate loss, tampering, leakage etc. of personal information by adopting technical measures. We conduct educational awareness programs for our employees in dealing with the safety of each and every person. Due to security purposes, your information is protected with a password.

Personal Disclosure and Editing Personal Information

If you wish to edit or delete anything on your account, please email

About the Link

We will not take any responsibilities about the handling of personal information on other websites. When moving the information to another website, we recommend you read the privacy policy for each company. The privacy policy listed here, only applies to the information collected on this website.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

Please understand that there is a possibility that we will revise the privacy policy and if there any big changes, we will contact you so that it is easy for you to understand. In addition, we will also contact you if we change our method of gathering and securing personal information. You will have the choice of whether or not you want to use this new method or not.

We may contact you by revising this privacy policy when adding purposes within the range that has considerable relevance to the purpose of use mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Compliance of Personal Information

We comply with the Japanese law in relation to the protection of personal information. However, we will continue to review the contents of this privacy policy and strive to improve it for our customers.

Contact Information

Company Name: Transit General Office Inc.
Established: August 29, 2001
Address: 3F Seihou Bldg. 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061 Japan
Chief Executive Officer, President & Founder: Sadahiro Nakamura