Collaboration with Hikari Mori! 「Journey to Ishikawa」Menu Started!

01 OCTOBER 2021

「THE UPPER」, contemporary rooftop restaurant with theme of "journey & nature", joins 「Diners Club Franch Restaurant Week 2021」, a gourmet event with purpose of allowing people enjoy French food easily!
「Journey to Ishikawa」menu, collaboration menu with Hikari Mori, model and ambassador of this event begins on October 8, 2021!

This collaboration menu focuses on Ishikawa prefecture; treature trove of ingredients and a menu lineup that make people feel as though they are traveling in Ishikawa.
In addition, various items are an inspiration from Mori herself - "pupa changing to butterfly " ; giving us messages about positive future!

In this collaboration menu, there are 2 additional amuse dishes and 1 mignardises (baked treat).
The first amuse is the 「Weatherfish, Kaga Lotus Root」; bite-size tarte made with rillettes from weatherfish, apple & butter puree and marinated Kaga lotus roots. There are edible flowers as a garnish - so bold and beautiful.
Second amuse is the「Globefish, Gynura bicolor, Melon」; tuile made with globefish's young fish, Japanese sake, original ricotta cheese and garnished with gynura bicolor powders. Full of flavor with melon soup and basil sorbet on the side!
The mignardises is the 「Ankoro Mochi ~ THE UPPER's version」. "Ankoro mochi", or more commonly known as bean-paste rice dumpling, is Ishikawa's signature baked treat. THE UPPER's ankoro mochi, is made with red beans from Ishikawa, fragrant Kaga stem tea and seasonal pearl!

Marunouchi Terrace 9-10F, 1-3-4, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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