「Longrain TOKYO」launches Thai style rice salad,「Khao Yam」on March 6, 2021!

25 FEBRUARY 2021 / Longrain

Longrain TOKYO, modern Asian restaurant located on 39th floor of YEBISU GARDEN PLACE TOWER, will begin serving 「Khao Yam」, a healthy Thai rice salad with radiant blue rice on March 6!
「Khao Yam」, is a traditional dish in southern Thailand. "Khao" means "rice", and "Yam" refers to "mix". Although the presentation is quite dramatic, the taste is refreshing and healthy.
At Longrain TOKYO, we use seasonal ingredients so our guests can enjoy a variety of Thai dishes. This impactful blue rice is jasmine rice colored with butterfly peas, a plant used in Thai herb teas. Around the rice, comes twelve garnishes, juicy "miso and Japanese pepper marinated salmon", browned "dried shrimps", Asian-style sweet "fresh pineapple", spicy "chili round slices", accented "pickled red onions", etc.
We have also added fresh herbs to give it a refreshing aroma, including mint, coriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chrysanthemum. Mix everything together slowly and you'll start to smell the ingredients.
The dressing is a Longrain original, made with galangal, a type of ginger ofted used in Asian cuisines, garlic, and grated onions.
Before you enjoy the dish, squeese the lime to and blend it with the rice to make it a warm, pink color!
In addition, in celebration of the reopening of Longrain TOKYO, a「Free Khao Yam」 campaign will be held! Customers who order the lunch or dinner course can get one free plate of Khao Yam.
「Khao Yam」, a new, healthy signature dish made with the concepts of "balancing spicy, sweet, sour, and salty", "aesthetics of colors" and "fresh herbs"!

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